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Gina Gerson is amazingly relieved as she waits for her boy Kristof Cale to join her and give her a sensuous massage. Kristof takes his time, running in rivulets Gina's legs, back, and uber-cute bottom with lubricant that he kneads in highly slowly.The seduction of Gina's hairless beaver is too much to fight back for long. Unloading the lubricant onto Gina's smooth-shaven mound, , Kristof bends forth to use his tongue to elation her turgid jewel and 2 firm thumbs to thrust deep into her cock-squeezing sheath. Albeit things begin out slow and sensual, Gina's boy is incapable to confine himself for long. His tongue movies swifter and firmer throughout her needy muff as Gina pumps her thighs and kneads her firm nipples. The attention briefly sends an orgasm quivering thru Gina's figure that leaves her bellowing and prepared to be fucked.Kristof keeps things sensuous as he smooches his way up his woman's quaking figure and slips into her in the private missionary position. They spend bunch time luving the slow penetration, but as Gina's chokes and wails represent that she is getting close to her 2nd orgasm of the day Kristof reacts by speeding up to supply a decent beaver pounding.As Gina gives her figure a opportunity to enjoy the continuous pleasure, she helps her boy to lie down so that she can take his ample shaft in her palms and supply a lengthy slow blowjob. Her demonstrable elation is an extraordinaire turnon to her boy as she slurps the head of his sausage like her dearest handle before taking him deep into her super-hot humid mouth.When she can't take the anticipation any longer, Gina opens up her gams and cautiously presses her slick beaver to her man's shaft to make their private connection. They enjoy that posture for some time before Gina moves into cowgirl posture to rail her boyfriend to their mutual pleasure. One more switch in posture leaves Gina using her boy as her intimate intercourse plaything as she turns her back to him and pumps her thighs until she spews in ecstasy. Now that he has seen to his woman's gratification by letting Gina call the shots, Kristof gets on his knees and pistons his shaft in and out of Gina's saluting pussy. He is so primed for enthusiasm that it takes just a minute of pumping for Kristof to bring himself off all over Gina's slick round caboose that awaits his love.





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