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Mia Malkova and Jillian Janson are clothed in undergarments and prepared to play! Getting down on her palms and knees on the bed, Mia does a tiny donk jiggle while Jillian lets her thighs sway as she stands nearby. When they can't stand against the allure of each other's figures a moment longer, Jillian joins Mia on the couch so that they can work each other out of their brassieres in inbetween burning kisses.That's how Johnny Castle finds them, and sans a moment's hesitation the gals invite him to join in for some cootchie soiree fun. They lie down on the couch side by side and peel off their g-strings in unison to naked their landing de-robe coochies for Johnny's pleasure. He dives in moments later, submerging his face in Mia's delicate twat. Mia's delicate snivels cram the room, making it a no-brainer for Johnny to keep up his cootchie celebrate while Jillian completes liquidating Mia's clothes. When Johnny bends back and slips 2 thumbs into Mia's sleek pussy so that he can drive her to the first-ever ejaculation of the day and then pull them out for Jillian to slurp clean.Turning their attention to Jillian, Jonny and Mia mingle coerces to go stiff and prompt at her twat. Johnny slips his thumbs deep into her yummy channel while Mia caresses Jillian's bean with the same prompt and raging pace. When Johnny disengages so that he can blow on Jillian's toes, Mia uses her magic thumbs in place of her man's. Now that both gals are naked and entirely heated up, they turn their attention to Johnny. Laying him down on the bed, they peel off his boxers and then thin forth to love a mutually pleasant dual blowjob. They alternate inbetween working together and individually, and even inspect some acrobatic positions, but their ultimate aim is to get Johnny's fake penis lovely and stiff for their enjoyment.Jillian is the first-ever to plucky the romp sway that has waited in the wings for their attention. Climbing into the sling, she bends into Mia for support and then opens up her gams for Johnny to press his beef whistle deep into her wild snatch. The sway keeps her at the ideal height for Ryan to go all out penetrating that pearly pussy, particularly once Mia helps to adjust Jillian's pose so that she is resting on her back instead of her bottom. That adjustment puts Jillian's face at ideal cootchie slurping level so that the wild coed can munch out Mia's cootchie while having her own poon filled.Mia likes the perceive of Jillian's lips on her pussy, but she wants a turn on the swing, too! Using the cords for support, she turns her back to Johnny and chokes her approval when he slips into her cascading plow fuck hole from behind. The sway holds her stable while Johnny produces a decent cootchie penetrating that leaves Jillian panting and pulsating her ecstasy.The gals take a break from the sway when they lay Johnny down on the couch so that Mia can go for a stiffie rail while Jillian mirrors her movements encountering the other way. The gals change after several sizzling moments, with Mia pressing Johnny's beef whistle rearwards so that he crams and nails Jillian's poon instead of hers for several jacks before they change again. That crushes off a donk bumping plow festival as the gals each push their thighs in time so that their bottoms bump with the intensity of their strokes.As Johnny gets taller close to the end of his endurance, the gals know what they have to do. Arranging themselves on either side of Jonny's dick, they use their palms and gullets to convince out an explosive ejaculation that crams Mia's gullet with pearly goodness. The gals swap a continuous smooch so that Jillian can share in Johnny's salty surprise, finishing their bang-out with a smile.





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