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Congenital Bombshell

Towheaded stunner Jassie Gold is in the middle of her loosening nightly yoga when she is interrupted by her paramour Ben. It is shortly visible that there's nothing loosening about what Ben is looking for, but as her boy begins to undress off her clothes Jassie realizes that she is all too willing to do it her man's way.Sweet smooches hastily turn into something more voluptuous as Jassie gets down on her arms and knees to wrap her loving lips around her guy's sausage and initiate a slowly loving blowjob. She takes her time, apparently loving every eat and grope as much as Ben is loving being on the receiving end of her gifted mouth.Keeping things slow, Ben lays Jassie out on the couch and takes his time delivering a voluptuous gash tonguing that maintains bunch personal eye contact. Jassie can't get enough of her man's gentle lapping tongue as he sweeps it over her jummy cooch over and over again.Soon Ben can't hold back any longer from the promise of his woman's gentle hairless twat. Getting up on his knees, he raises Jassie's gams and thighs just enough to be in the flawless posture to glide sack deep into her cock-squeezing warmth.Now there's nothing slow about their tempo as Ben pumps his thighs in a prompt tempo that gets Jassie's diminutive fun bags wiggling in time to his thrusts. Her screams of delight spur him on, peculiarly once they change to doggystyle so that Jassie's writhing thighs can add another enjoyable dimension to their lovemaking. When the blonde's very first orgasm rips thru her body, it leaves her panting and boneless and she falls to the bed.Ben isn't done making his girl moan, though. Re-mounting her, he presses himself deep into her fragile fuckhole and continues his gash plumbing until Jassie is once again moaning her pleasure.Moments later, Ben rolls Jassie over on the couch so that her slim stomach is well-prepped to receive his sexually attractive load. With just several more masturbates of his palm he ultimately lets out his enjoy all over Jassie's pelvis, coating her with his molten gloppy essence and bringing a sneer to her face.





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