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Megan Rain can't help but be revved on while she witnesses Banbino working out. When he's winding down his exercise, she makes sure to let him know how red-hot she finds him by strutting over on her splendid high-heeled slippers and seducing him with a kiss. That's all it takes for Bambino to get the hint that Megan wants to help him get a more voluptuous workout, and he's glad to take her up on her invitation.Soon Megan is down to just her g-string, which is the flawless garb to tempt Bambino as she bends forth on her arms and knees to release his lengthy gigantic member for a insane man-meat sucking. Megan's antsy arms and super-fucking-hot lips are just what Bambino needs to increase in size rock-hard and prepped to be the pummel fucktoy that Megan needs!After submerging his face in Megan's pearly clean-shaved beaver to make sure that she's dribbling raw and prepped to take his huge dick, Bambino lies down on his back and lets his paramour stretched her mayo all over his man-meat by railing his johnson in a slimy slide. Only then does Megan eventually hoist her thighs and glide down onto Bambino's pummel stick to crush off a naughty stiffie ride!Megan is well-versed in railing her paramour to completion as she demonstrates off her abilities in the cowgirl posture before turning around so that Bambino can love the trembling of her caboose as she heads to town with booty-bouncing strokes. When the duo takes things to the couch, Megan graciously relinquishes manage in order to love the raunchy deep beaver nailing that Bambino offers from his fresh posture of power.Getting down on her arms and knees, Megan thrusts her caboose into the air with the faith of a female who knows her dude will take care of her needs. Bambino rises to the challenge, submerging into Megan's super-fucking-hot honeypot and catapulting her with his hips. He accentuates each shove with the press of his thumb that works its way knuckle-deep into Megan's caboose until she is almost bellowing her approval.While Megan's cootchie is still fluttering and throbbing from the energy of her climax, Bambino is able to bring himself to the brim of his own ecstasy. Megan turns around on her arms and knees and puts her arms and gullet back to work to supply an ecstatic bj that thrusts Bambino the rest of the way over the brim so that he gushes and packs her gullet with a fountain of red-hot jizm that eventually sates her lewd urges.





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