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Taunting caresses and the chill of icy water activity as sensuous make-out as brunettes Kitten and Lorena lodge onto the floor for a enjoyable session of lovemaking. Kitten takes the lead, helping Lorena out of her tee-shirt and then gliding a lump of ice inbetween her lips to sumptuous her throat before smooching and suckling her way down her lover's body.The damp caresses proceed as Lorena turns onto her tummy and bends her back to permit Kitten to liquidate her panties. Kitten takes advantage of that helpless position, arching forth to slide her thumbs deep into Lorena's cock-squeezing pussy. When Kitten substitutes her thumbs with her tongue and indulges in lengthy blistering laps along her woman's smoothly-shaven slit, Lorena can't help but reach back to wind her thumbs into her lover's hair and anchor her in place to keep those magical gobbles coming.Wanting even finer access to her lover's exquisite pussy, Kitten helps Lorena back onto her back and then pushes her gams as far back as they will go to open the entirety of Lorena's womanly parts to enjoyable ministrations. With unrestricted access to drive her tongue into Lorena's channel and use the hardened apex to rub Lorena's sensitized clit, Kitten briefly has her paramour groaning in absolute ecstasy.Lorena is impatient to repay the favor, changing places with Kitten so that she can anxiously submerge her face inbetween her woman's parted hips and love the cream colored evidence of her desire. Munching briefly turns to kneading as Lorena presses 2 thumbs into Kitty's cock-squeezing channel and pushes firm and fast. The amazing enjoyment briefly causes Kitten to lose manage completely, squirming on the rug and gagging for breath at the sensuous attack on her body.Wishing to help Lorena sense the same deep hasty release, Kitten helps her paramour to her mitts and knees and then drives her thumbs knuckle-deep into her woman's silky warmth. Lorena's tiny funbags jiggle as her whole figure shudders and twitches underneath Kitty's accomplished touches. As another ejaculation spins thru her, Lorena's hands can no longer hold her up and she drowns leisurely to the ground.Mutually satisfied, the femmes love a mushy embrace and a lengthy smooch as they cuddle on the rug.





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