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Morning Man rod

After waking up in the morning beside her guy Jake Taylor and experiencing his morning wood, Veronica Radke can't wait to capitalize on the super hot bulge she has discovered. She begins with sultry smooches all over Jake's head and neck, and then pulls the decorates away so that she can witness every inch of his dick.Using her mitts and her hatch with absolute enthusiasm, Veronica works her beau's shaft with swift humid bobs of her head. The super hot black-haired can't get enough of gargling Jake off, smirking as she loves her treat.When she is prepped for her share of the attention, Veronica smooches her way up her man's figure and pals her lips with his in a peaceful prayer for penetration. Jake obliges, turning Veronica onto her stomach and slipping into the cock-squeezing moisture of her twat. He begins with slow strokes, and then works his way to stiffer shoves as the slim cutie screams in sheer pleasure at the experiencing of fullness. Even when Jake stops for a breather, Veronica can't stop pumping her hips to keep up the friction.When Jake is prepped to change positions, he shifts Veronica over with a swift jack that leaves her smiling. She parts her hips anxiously as he reenters her shaven vulva and heads to work using his morning bulge for her pleasure. Veronica's sobs of rapture are briefly accompanied by breathless chokes as her orgasm rocks her entire body. Pulling his chick to the verge of the couch with the same strength that he used to roll her over, Jake shoves 2 frigs deep into her super-hot shell and uses his mitts and tongue bring her back to the edge of pleasure. When Veronica is almost there again, Jake shoves deep inwards to give her another climax, and then releases to bathroom her with his enjoy as he pops all over her face and breasts.





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