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When sugary blondie Jessa Rhodes wakes up in the middle of the morning, the ultra-kinky beauty just can't keep her hips from shoving and her arm from strolling down to rest inbetween her parted thighs. Just as she is about to initiate some joy in her exquisite landing de-robe pussy, she is joined by her paramour Scarlet Crimson who struts into the apartment in her ultra-kinky mini-skirt and joins Jessa on the bed.The gals can't get enough of each other as they pamper in continuous kisses. Jessa takes the lead, slurping her way down Scarlet's assets to liquidate her sheer g-string with her arms and teeth. When her reward is unveiled, Jessa takes several moments to hot Scarlet's cunny up with her arms while throating her woman's rigid nipples, and then dives in to enjoy a fantastic cunny licking.Just as the gals are truly getting into their love, their fellow Tylor Nixon roams past the open door and determines that the look before him is too provocative not to join in. He instantly drowns his face in the dual stacked honeypots that await him, taking the time to gobble and lap at each girl's needy cunny as Jessa and Scarlet knead and smooch each other.Next, Tylor backs off so that Jessa can go back to her interrupted cunny eating. Meanwhile, Tylor glides down onto his knees to take advantage of Jessa's revealed cunny to do the same for the blonde. When Jessa offers to let her female taste her sugary-sweet pussy, Tyler is swift to shuck his boxer trunks and glide his rock rigid sausage deep into Jessa's cascading cunny for some doggy-style fun. Always willing to share, Jessa suggests that Tyler sink his chisel in Scarlet's cock-squeezing crevice while she plants her needy cunny above her lover's face for some more tongue action.Soon Jessa initiates a blow-job for Tyler, but Scarlet is swift to get on her knees and join in. Together, the blondes take turns slurping and throating on their man's rock hard wood before rising to their knees in a raw makeout session.The couple is willing to be biddable when Tylor rearranges them so that they are on the verge of the sofa and lightly accessible side by side. As they get lost in smooching each other, Tyler has his pick of purrfectly sensitized honeypots to gobble and pummel with his large cock. He picks Scarlet first-ever and then Jessa, delivering a decent cunny penetrating that leaves each damsel yelling her extraordinary pleasure.In thanks for his supreme job, the blondes get Tylor on his back and set to work providing a 2nd dual blowjob. Their impatient sausage slurping shortly transitions to Scarlet climbing atop her man's chisel and railing him cowgirl fashion while Jessa at the same time sits on Tylor's face so that his tongue can adore her twat. Briefly Scarlet's back leans as her entire assets gives way to her orgasmic pleasure. Once Jessa has gobbled her woman's jism from Taylor's cock, the gals lay down on the sofa with their gams stretched so that Taylor can drive them each over the verge of rapture until they are yelling their pleasure.As Taylor loses the last of his control, the gals anxiously get on their knees in front of his sausage so that he can coat them both in his jizm with a satly facial cumshot that eventually satiates both of their sexual urges.





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