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Let Me In

Lindsey Forest is dressed to amaze with a cock-squeezing sundress and brief microskirt when she finds herself locked out of Logan Pierce's house! Finally her insistent knocking wakes Logan from his nap so that he can open the door and wrap his forearms around Lindsey's willing body.After studying her cock-squeezing kinks and thong-clad arse with his palms, Logan gets right down to business. He unclothes Lindsey's clothes as she stands before him like a queen to be worshipped, and then sits down so that Lindsey can come back the favor.When Lindsey frees Logan's rock-hard manhood she just can't stand against the urge to munch and blow his rock-hard shaft. She lodges into the tempo quickly, providing a Dt in just the way her paramour luvs it. Logan repays Lindsey's blow-job by helping her onto the bed so that he can submerge his ginormous manhood into her cock-squeezing labia for a doggie pounding.After bringing Lindsey to her very first ejaculation of the day, Logan rolls her onto her back and stretches her gams so that he can drown his face in her shaved fuckbox to lick out her mammary snatch. Lindsey can't hold still underneath Logan's magic tongue and fingers, and briefly her orgasmic shrieks pack the room.Now it's time to slow things down with some sensuous spooning, but that's no reason Lindsey can't keep getting her labia fucked. Logan begins out with slow strokes, but briefly he is going to town driving into Lindsey's spunk longing fuck-hole while Lindsey's puny funbags wiggle from the rock-hard pounding.Climbing up onto Logan's lap, Lindsey takes the reins. Her thighs pump in a prompt and mad tempo as she likes her private guy and brings herself all the throbbing delectation that her super-naughty assets craves! When she has ultimately had enough, she gives Logan a hj and fellatio until he spews all over her antsy face and jaws in a sweet goopy load.





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