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Breakfast Together

After a night of steamy hookup with Marco Rivera, Lara roams out of her man's bedroom wearing just a sheer provocative bathrobe and panties. She goes to the fridge, opening it and peering inwards as her nips pooper from the cold.Marco is there to steamy her up when she closes the door, pressing her against the appliance with a deep smooch that shortly has Lara raw and prepared for her lover's hardness. Pulling down to his knees and wanking down Lara's panties, Marco runs his tongue thru his woman's damp folds, gargling on her joy button for several strong moments before urging his girl to thin forth over the kitchen island.With Lara leaned over and opened for his attentions, Marco comes back to his knees and idolizes his lover's smooth-shaven pinkish vag while he massages her bootylicious ass. Gradually, his fumbles come closer to Lara's cock-squeezing shell until he eventually glides 2 frigs into her fever to find her dribbling for more. Marco takes the chance to drown his bulge deep into his paramour for several awesome pushes as he likes the perceive of her sugary bottom, but he is not prepared for their hookup to accomplish so quickly.Backing down, he urges his girl to climb on top of the counter so that he can alternate inbetween suckling her sensitized pearl and caressing her sleek folds with the mitt of his mitt in a voluptuous onslaught that shortly has Lara wriggling and groaning for more.When he can no longer take the anticipation, Marco joins Lara atop the counter and lies down on the super-sexy granite so that she can climb on him like her own individual stud. She takes him in slowly, liking the friction they generate before sitting up and pumping her thighs up and down several times while her pointy globes bounce.They readjust their posture so that they are on their sides spooning, and with just several more deep strong pushes Lara ejaculations with a lengthy moan.While her figure is still whirring with pleasure, Lara clambers off of the island and falls to her knees in front of her fellow so that she can take his throbbing penis into her antsy gifted mouth. She deep throats him stiff and fast, using her lil' arms and her tongue to draw him close to the brink of his climax.When Marco is close to cumming, Lara bends forth against the counter so that he can reenter her cock-squeezing heat for several last pushes before he withdraws and showers his paramour with his essence.





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