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Dual Dip

Bare cuties Chloe Foster and Selma Sins walk arm in arm thru the house, swapping sinful sneers as they make their way toward their ultimate destination: the bedroom. There, Johnny Castle lies in bed, anxiously awaiting his lovers.The femmes crawl into sofa in tandem, locking lips with each other and then joining Johnny for a three-way smooch as he massages their knockers with anxious hands. As Selma and Chloe proceed making out, they step by step make their way down their man's assets to take turns wrapping their anxious lips around his man rod and blowing with superb gusto.Although the femmes originally share their treat, Chloe is ultimately inspired to stance herself with her vag restrained above Johnny's gifted gullet so that he can slurp her out as Selma resumes to munch and fellate his lengthy rock-hard dick. Needing to be crammed and fucked, Chloe glides down her man's assets and bellows in enjoyment as Selma helps guide Johnny's man rod deep into her friend's trimmed smooth slit. Selma offers Johnny's ball sac a tiny munch before lodging herself next to him and gliding her arm down to fumble her own jummy slit. Chloe helps her friend, arching to the side to suckle at Selma's cock-squeezing sensitized nipple.As the zeal grows, the trio paramours adjust their positions. Selma and Chloe lie face down with their assess up next to each other as Johnny eats his cram of each of their exquisite pussies. Rising to his knees, Johnny drives himself balls-deep into Selma's exquisite vag as his arm snakes out to pull her dark hair. He alternates inbetween the girls, romping them in turn as they muffle each other's bellows with deep kisses. Soon, though, Johnny's deep pushes send each of them over the edge. As Selma and Chloe's figures are still shivering with their climaxes, Johnny releases of their cock-squeezing fever and wanks himself off all over their sensuous bottoms.




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