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Seeing You

Stacy Snake and Johnny Dark-hued are in the midst of an individual moment when Blue Angel ambles in on them. She observes them for several minutes, and then accepts their invitation to join in. Crawling onto the couch behind her mate Stacy, Blue anxiously helps Johnny elevate Stacy's t-shirt and arm her pointy tiny tits.With an additional pair of mitts to help him tempt his woman, Johnny's mitts are free to stroll Stacy's assets and bowl the fever inbetween her legs. Blue goes after the path Johnny's mitts have blazed with her mouth, planting open-mouthed smooches and gobbles on Stacy's supple assets before helping her out of her undies to have finer access to her woman's clean-shaven jummy pussy. Lapping and inhaling at Stacy's tasty slit, Blue brings her outstanding pleasure.Soon, Stacy and Johnny urge Blue into the center of their attention. Pinning and nipping at Blue's nipples, Johnny heats the slim hotty up as Stacy smooches her way down to the well-trimmed juncture inbetween Blue's gams and dives into her white-hot twat.The 2 women swap a long, voluptuous smooch before Blue latches onto her chance to extend some delight to Johnny as well. Propping herself up while Stacy continues her liking suckling inbetween her legs, Blue wraps her lips around her man's firm weenie to commence an strong deepthroat job.The three changes postures again so that Blue can resume her ministrations on Stacy's wild gash while Johnny does the same for Blue to lubricate her for his throbbing dick, which shoves into her as shortly as she is ready.In another positional switch, Stacy takes her turn in the middle slurping out Blue as Johnny plows her from the rear from behind. The three doesn't last lengthy like that before Johnny lies down on the couch and lets Blue climb on him while he keeps his tongue active slurping out Stacy's soaked pussy. As Blue reaches the pinnacle of her orgasm, the women bony forth and swap a long, sultry kiss.Blue climbs off of her guy and Stacy takes her place, railing her boy rcg fashion as Blue gropes at her sensitive clitoris. As Johnny gets closer to spunking he releases of his lover's cock-squeezing envelope and gets down on all fours to let Blue deepthroat him off as Stacy brings Blue to an outstanding orgasm. Seconds later, Johnny empties himself all over Blue's belly, where Stacy bends over to eat his essence off. The women complete their hump with another liking kiss.





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