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Want To Be Smashed

An afternoon of sunbathing by the pool is just what the doc ordered for Cassidy Klein and Maryjane Johnson. The nymphs shortly liquidate their tops to avoid suntan lines, but the sexual stress is too much for them to resist. Within minutes they're peeling off each other's swimsuit bottoms and swapping smooches that fastly lead to more.Just as Cassidy lays her doll down on the chair, the nymphs are approached from behind by their fellow Van Wylde. With 3 people to please, the 3 shares a smooch and then takes things inside.Sitting down on the couch together, Mary Jane and Cassidy make out for their man's pleasure. Shortly Cassidy has her arms exactly where she wants them, pawing Mary Jane's clean-shaven labia and stretching her splooge up and down her slit. Mary Jane comes back the favor, much to Cassidy's delight.Although Tyler loves watching, he can't wait too lengthy to participate. Laying the 2 nymphs out on the couch he sweeps his tongue up each of their cootchies in turn. Eventually he realizes that he can simultaneously finger both of his gals as they each fondle each other's clits, lightly pleasing both simultaneously inbetween the delectations of his thumbs and his mouth.Next, both nymphs put their gams up in the air to introduce their dribbling humid cootchies side by side for Van to slip his rigid spear into them. MaryJane gets her crevasse crammed first-ever as Van thumbs Cassidy, but shortly he changes things up so that Cassidy can have her fill, too. As Tyler helps them flip into increasingly sophisticated tandem positions, Cassidy and Mary Jane each enjoy their first-ever ejaculation of the day.Next, the nymphs lay on top of each other with Cassidy on top and Mary Jane underneath to give Van a dual stack of jizm thirsty cootchies to finger and fuck. When Tyler changes from Cassidy to Mary Jane, Cassidy spins her pelvis forth so that her exquisite muff is right above Mary Jane's face and in prime posture for a humid labia licking.Finally, when both nymphs have had multiples but are still thirsty for more, Van takes his place on the couch so that Cassidy can rail his spear and Mary Jane can rail his face like their own intimate studs. He brings the sex to a grand finale by lining the 2 nymphs up with both of their cootchies stacked vertically in the air so that he can bring himself to the edge by inserting into any humid crevasse he wishes.At the highly last moment Van releases and Cassidy and Mary Jane flip to their knees to share a blow-job that will bring their stud off in an explosive ejaculation that packs both of their gullets with his salty enjoy so that they can snowball his jizm with a kiss.




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