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Brilliant Stranger

Scrumptious spinner Odette Delacroix can't keep her eyes off of Logan Pierce as they cross paths in their room complex. Later, when they hook up in the complex's pool area, Odette approaches Logan and they begin chatting. Shortly they're making out and it becomes clear that they're going to need the privacy of Logan's apartment.Once they make it to Logan's place, he makes sure that he's all about Odette's pleasure. After worshiping her diminutive funbags with their huge nips that harden to exquisite peaks, Logan slips a palm underneath her microskirt to sense her moisture underneath her panties. All of that attention has made Odette hanker the sense of Logan's salami in her mouth, so she pulls his member from his denim and then dives in. While Odette's throat is rock hard at work, Logan pulls the blonde's g-string aside and takes several moments to stretched her vagina juice all over her slick shaven gash before concentrating his attentions on fumbling her clit.After helping Odette up onto her mitts and knees and then unclothing her down to just her thong, Logan doesn't wait another moment before slipping into her from behind. Doggy-style is just what Odette needed for a prompt ejaculation as the angle of foray hammers her in just the right catches sight of to drive her crazy with pleasure.While Odette's crevasse is still pulsating around his cock, Logan switches things up so that he and Odette are spooning together on the couch. From that angle Logan is able to produce a decent vagina banging with rock hard prompt drains that leave Odette wailing her enjoyment until another ejaculation cracks over her small body.After another switch in position, Logan eventually gets Odette totally bare by spinning her g-string down her lengthy legs. While he's down there he enjoys the taste of her exquisite slick cooch for several moments, and then arches forth to smooch Odette with her juice still on his lips. The taste of her own essence is a full turnon for the insane blonde, leading her to guide Logan's stiffy back inbetween her gams for another plump of fucking.Although Odette just enjoys having her vagina pounded, she also enjoys being on top and setting the pace. Logan is glad to oblige, sitting down on the sofa and then helping Odette to climb onto his lap so that she can give him a rcg stiffie ride. They both enjoy this fresh position, notably after it brings Odette to yet another body-shaking climax. The pulsating walls of her cooch are too much for Logan to resist. He gushes while drowned deep in Odette's hot sheath, glutting her with his spunk so that it runs in rivulets out of her vagina as their fuck-fest winds down.




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