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Irresistibly Attracted

Waking up together after a night of passion, Natalia Starlet and Staci Carr get handsy while Karlie Montana takes her delight into her own endowed hands. When the 2 blondes notice that the ginger-haired is awake, they shift their attention to concentrate only on Karlie.Natalia takes her time laving Karlie's total funbags with her endowed tongue as she little by little discards the redhead's bra. Meanwhile, Staci gets the very first chance to use her tongue to delight Karlie's mouth-watering landing de-robe pussy. Natalia isn't about to let her paramour have all the joy for long; soon, she takes over for Staci while Staci undresses Natalia's g-string to dual up on the fun.Eventually Staci comebacks to Karlie's delightful poon as the 2 blondes interchange burning smooches and use their endowed munches and frigs to drive their willing gimp naughty with passion. They don't let up until Karlie is squealing her completion!Next it is Staci's turn in the middle while Natalia seats her sugary cooch on Staci's face for a lengthy fabulous licking. While Staci is putting her facehole to use, Karlie is doing the same by sinking her face and frigs in Staci's clean-shaved cooch until she is squealing her approval.As Staci's figure still hums with completion Natalia gets moved into the middle for her share of attention. Karlie keeps Natalia's facehole and generous breasts occupied, and Staci puts her endowed facehole to work using delicate sure drains on Natalia's jewel to bring her slow, inescapable pleasure.Ready for plump two, Karlie climbs atop Natalia's facehole so that the blond can press her smooth tongue to her lover's smooth cooch while Staci skillfully supplies a cooch frigging to Natalia. Rolling Staci over onto her back, Natalia takes charge and presses her pelvis to Staci's so that their white pearly coochies are stacked prettily for Karlie to delight each of them together.With both blondes right on the brink of exploding, Karlie releases a massager electro-hitachi and sends them flying into delight town with a proficient application of the plaything to their most mild parts. As Natalia and Staci come down from their climaxes, Karlie spins onto her back and opens up her gams so that she can use the electro-hitachi on her own supah sensitive poon while her blond paramours little by little get into the game to help Karlie cum.Finally sated, the 3 chicks share a series of lengthy continuous smooches where they reaffirm their fervor for each other.





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