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The One I Want

When Wein Lewis comes via his paramour Mira he can't help but approach her from behind and wrap his forearms around her limber body. Mira responds to his caress instantly, turning in her man's forearms so that she can join her lips with his in a smooch that resumes even as Wein helps his damsel up onto a nearby table.Breaking the kiss, Mira lays back and luvs her man's delicate fondles up and down her body. He pulls her tee-shirt up to unveil her diminutive breasts, and then bends forth to take one firm tender nip into his mouth. After he gives Mira's other funbag the same treatment, Wein smooches his way down her slim body, paying particular attention to her delicate internal thighs before concentrating his concentration on her sleek hairless pussy.Wein takes his time prepping his damsel with his endowed tongue and fingers, suckling her elation button and little by little opening her cock-squeezing shell to take in his erection. When Mira is raw and well-prepped for him, Wein fumbles the trunk of his trunk via her running in rivulets twat and then shoves himself deep into her warmth.The perceiving is incredible, but Mira won't lodge for just one position. Climbing to her feet, she turns her back to her fellow and urges him to come in her from behind as she props one gam on the table to open herself even broader for him. When introduced with Mira's astounding ass, though, Wein can't stop himself from worshiping her with his palms and then his lips.The duo shares a burning smooch before Mira turns around and her fellow presses back into her, pumping his thighs as he seduces her toward an orgasm. As elation pools deep inwards of her, Mira comebacks to her original pose on the table so that she can grope her elation button as her fellow drives her over the verge of ecstasy.Primed for his own orgasm, Wein releases of Mira's still-pulsing assets and pumps himself over the verge with several jacks of his mitt until he blows a load all over Mira's hairless mound.





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