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You And I Together

Mind-blowing Kiera Winters is well-prepped to give her guy Tyler Nixon some morning sensation as she approaches him wearing nothing but a matching boulder-holder and thong. Even before she joins him in bed, she spurts the boulder-holder to unsheathe her petite tits, but she leaves the panty for Tyler to peel away at his leisure.Tyler is instantaneously revved on, slipping Kieras underpants aside and dipping a finger into her taut moist cunny as the duo makes out on the bed. When he cannot take the anticipation any longer he shifts her over and peels her panty off so that he can have utter effortless access to her mouth-watering slit. Bending forward, he uses his frigs and his tongue to anxiously lap at her beef whistle thirsty poon until Kiera is writhing and groaning her pleasure.Next it is Kieras turn to get her guy as scorching and insane as she possibly can. Freeing his enormous dick, she takes her time eating and tugging it before wrapping her antsy lips around his rock stiff beef whistle and embarking an ecstatic blowjob. The dark-haired crawls up her mans assets to resume making out, putting her tastey poon in the brilliant pose for Tyler to glide home deep in her mushy warmth. They love the intimacy of being so close for several minutes, but briefly Tyler helps Kiera to sit up so that she can have a cowgirl fashion rail that gets her petite knockers bouncing.Turning onto their side, the duo loves some spooning sex. The fresh angle is just what Kiera hankers as Tylers trouser snake hammers her g-spot and makes her coo like a kitten.Rolling onto her belly, Kiera offers her pretty rosy cunny to her guy as he takes advantage of her sensitive slot and works her with stiff and hasty thrusts. He brings her right up to the brink of rapture and then over, until her shrieks cram the room.When Kiera turns onto her back and stretches her lengthy gams for her boyfriend to keep pumping, Tyler just can’t say no! Incapable to help himself, Tyler blows his flow deep in Kieras shell in a internal cumshot that leaves her utter of fever and happiness and leaves a ooze of red-hot jism streaming down her brilliant body.





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