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Fancy Blessing

After a super-cute dinner, Zoey Paige and her guy Logan Pierce come back home to love an personal evening together. Zoey lets her guy know she is interested as she glides her nude sole up Logan's gam and runs her toes along the ridge of his erection. Arching forward, Logan smooches his gal deeply and then grins as Zoey takes charge.Lifting her man's t-shirt and ripping off his trousers so that his rock-hard trouser snake springs free, Zoey leans forth and wraps her anxious lips around his shaft. She fastly becomes engrossed in her task, bobbing her head up and down with eagerness as she delectations her man.Reaching back while she resumes to fellate and eat her man, Zoey pulls her underpants to the side and glides her thumbs down her slimy raw coochie before slipping first-ever one finger and then another into her crying pussy. Finding herself sleek and ready, she elevates her head and waves her thighs to lodge herself on Logan's lap with his rock-hard man-meat restricted deep in her molten channel.Zoey moves up and down, making lengthy slowly drains as she pulls her top down to splash out her breasts. Logan knows what to do, arching forth to take hold of the delicate love button of Zoey's nip inbetween his sensitive lips as Zoey resumes to stir above him.Wanting to give his gal the ultimate pleasure, Logan raises her from his thighs and urges her to skinny forth on the bed with her round vag revealed from behind. Arching forward, he sinks his face inbetween her gams and laps her mayo with demonstrable pleasure. When Zoey is balanced on the pinnacle of her orgasm, Logan pulls away and reenters her from behind, pumping intensely to give his gal exactly what she needs to cum. Her climax roars thru her, and she turns over to suggest her guy a luving smile.They spoon together as Logan shoves quickly, thrusting himself over the edge. He releases at the last moment, spilling his pearl juice all over Zoey's smooth-shaven mound and belly. Sated, the paramours swap chortling smooches as they bask in the afterglow together on the couch.





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