Naked 18 Girl

Taunt Me

Clad in high high-heeled slippers and uber-sexy dark-hued lingerie, Katie Jordin comes in the bedroom intent on seducing Danny Mountain. What guy could stand against the allurement this dark-haired sweetie offers? As he draws his lover's budded nip into his mouth, Danny knows that he definitely can't.Katie sets the tempo by wrapping her mild lips around her beau's throbbing erection, gobbling and deep-throating at him until he prays to be permitted to drill her.Climbing on top of her man, Katie slips her sopping labia down onto Danny's fat salami leisurely at first-ever to draw out the impressive sensation. Their orgy briefly speeds up as Danny helps Katie to her arms and knees to support a more frantic pace.As they switch postures again, Katie's boyfriend takes a moment to run his tongue up her mushy raw slit. Pressing into her as she lies on her back with her hips stretched wide, Danny maintains eye contact with his paramour as he brings her to a prompt orgasm. Weary and satisfied, Katie arches her head back on the carpet as Danny frees and pumps himself to completion all over her tummy in a ideal end to her super-fucking-hot seduction.





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