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Nice Presley Hart is back from a shopping adventure, and she wants to flash Logan Pierce what she bought! She's already wearing her brand fresh hooter-sling and sheer thong, and Logan is glad to tell her with his smooches that he certainly approves.Pushing Logan to the couch, Presley lets her paramour know that she's presently in charge. The energetic dark haired yells her delectation as Logan pulls off her hooter-sling and feasts on her intense breasts. She wants to put her gullet to work, too, so she extracts Logan's utter salute and samples the head of his penis with a gobble and a grin before diving in for a full-out dick sucking.Now it's Logan's turn to idolize Presley's handsome assets again, and as shortly as he gets her out of her panty he heads to work. He commences with his fingers, studying the humidity of Presley's smoothly-shaven cunny before he substitutes his digits with his gifted mouth. Once he has heated her up by gobbling and deep throating her clit, Logan gives Presley every inch of his large penis by spooning with her and slipping his dick home into her cock-squeezing warmth.Always a admirer of going for a stiffie ride, Presley doesn't hesitate to take manage back so that she can set the rhythm with her plump arse and hips. Soon, though, the mischievous bombshell finds herself on her forearms and knees while Logan produces the cootchie fucking that she thirsts until she is wailing her climax!After luving one more tremoring let out thanks to her rcg ride, Presley gives her utter attention to bringing Logan to his climax. Using her generous gullet and magic hands, she brings him all the way to his unavoidable let out until he drizzles his spooge all over Presley's tongue and forearms in a dirt that she is only too glad to gobble up.





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