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Breakfast In Sofa

When sugary-sweet and spectacular Emily Grey determines to surprise her stud Dylan Snow with breakfast in bed, this super-hot dark-haired has plans for more than just food. Strutting into the apartment in just a boulder-holder and thong, Emily deposits the tray and then climbs onto the couch so that she can cuddle with her bf while feeding him in an softcore foreplay.The brunettes strolling palms promptly give her game away, and shortly she is able to spring Dylans stiff penis free from his trousers so that she can lay back and give him a slowly forearm job while he comes back the favor by slipping her panty aside to stroke her smooth-shaven pussy.Soon Dylan pushes up her boulder-holder to rubdown her petite melons and perky nipples. Not wanting to forego her own delectation or her mans, Emily proceeds her slow forearm job while using her other forearm to pick up fondling her needy twat. Finally she crawls down the couch to wrap her hot lips around her beaus penis and give him a great penis fellating as he bellows his gratitude and approval.Once Emily is prepared to take things to the next level, she climbs off of the couch to shimmy out of her thong, and then crawls up Dylans bod on all 4s in a enticing budge that drives her bf wild! That is all the invitation Dylan needs to gently come in her from a spooning pose so that he can use sensitive masturbates to get Emilys motor running.Now that they are both heated up, Emily gets up on her palms and knees so that Dylan can hand her petite arse and then drown his face in her sugary-sweet slit so that he can guzzle her womanly nectar. Shortly he substitutes his fragile tongue with his stiff cock, wedging into Emilys jism thirsty cootchie with all of the force that she craves.As her stud supplies a decent cootchie pounding, Emilys forearms and gams little by little give out until she buries to the couch and strings up on to love the ride. Her groans of rapture guide the way as Dylan wanks killer sounds from her until she is choky her pleasure.Flipping onto her back, Emily crawls to the verge of the couch so that Dylan can get on his soles and work her toward a 2nd ejaculation with commanding pushes of his cock. Even as her ejaculation cracks thru her pulsing body, Dylan reaches his own pinnacle of pleasure. Getting down on her knees on the ground, Emily masturbates her bf off for that last 2nd until he whips out his man chowder all over her plane slim belly.





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