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Succulent Feelings

In a soft demonstrate of their feelings for each other, Lorena and Whitney delicately interchange light massages and kneads and run their frigs thru each other's lengthy velvety hair. Lodging her paramour on the ground inbetween her parted legs, Lorena runs her palms farther down Whitney's bod to knead her total baps thru her brassiere before pulling the material out of the way to rubdown the mild skin.Rising, Whitney grabs Lorena's lips in a lengthy enjoying kiss. She moves down slowly, worshiping Lorena's lengthy neck. She urges her paramour to turn around so that she can eliminate Lorena's undergarments and droplet smooches on the slick curve of her ass.Lorena's clean-shaven snatch is already shiny with her lust when Whitney presses her super-hot tongue into the humid folds and heads to work pleasing her woman. She takes her time, blowing and munching with evident enthusiasm, and then gliding her frigs deep into Lorena's taut shell as her paramour guides her motions. As Lorena gets bigger closer to her climax, Whitney elevates high on her knees and surprises her doll by seizing her toes in her throat and taking bunch time to inhale and gobble the mild digits. Lorena is blessed to play, gliding her soles down Whitney's bony bod and then using her toes to rubdown her woman's shaven pussy.Returning to a seated position, Whitney curls up near Lorena's soles as the dark-haired stands and parts her hips to give her doll unrestricted access to elation her labia with her endowed throat once again. Burying back to the footstool, Lorena lies down on her plane tummy so that her snatch is right in front of Whitney. The blondie takes total advantage of this fresh pose to drive her doll wild, driving her frigs stiff and hasty into Lorena's ultra-sensitive snatch until she melts into a throbbing orgasm.Determined to get her doll off, Lorena spins pose so that she is underneath Whitney. She burrows her face in her lover's humid cunny while her palms touch Whitney's bod and pay particular attention to her stiffly budded nipples.As the women each come close to reaching their crescendo of lust Lorena comes back to her pose above Whitney's throat where her paramour drives her nasty with hasty movies of her tongue. As Lorena's bod resumes to shudder from her climax, she uses fast pulses of her frigs to bring Whitney over the same brink in a frantic coupling that leaves the paramours panting but satisfied.





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