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After Soiree

It's been a lengthy night of partying and the sun is rising, but Dakota Skye, Samantha Hayes, and Van Wylde aren't prepared to call it quits when they arrive home. The three crushes off their after soiree by taking shots, but things get magnificent when Samantha and Dakota accidentally uncover each other's funbags while playfully thrusting each other.Locked in a warmed kiss, the chicks take that chance to head to the bedroom with Van following close behind them. When Samantha makes it clear that she wants both Dakota's and Van's arms all over her body, her 2 paramours are blessed to comply.Pulling aside Samantha's thong, Van samples her smooth-shaven vagina with evident pleasure. Dakota doesn't wait lengthy before requiring her turn to enjoy Samantha's sugary-sweet juices, and briefly the 2 of them are taking turns and sharing nicely.Although he doesn't mind taking turns with Dakota, Van doesn't hesitate to relocate so that he is close enough to Samantha's face that she can release his trunk and inhale him off while Dakota resumes to enjoy her vagina feast.Moving once again, Van comes up behind Dakota where she's on her arms and knees with her face drowned in her friend's cunt and takes advantage of her brief skirt to push the blonde's g-string to the side and submerge balls-deep into her cock-squeezing twat. Dakota can't get enough of getting pounded from behind, and she translates that sensation by setting out on a mission to bring rapture to Samantha no matter what!Flipping Dakota onto her back, Van asserts his predominance by keeping her vagina crammed with his dick. Samantha adjusts her posture so that she is seated on Dakota's face, making it effortless for the towheaded to proceed slurping out her soft twat.When Van has brought Dakota to a yelling completion, he unleashes and ambles around to the other side of the bed. Samantha arches forth to put her jaws on Dakota's clit, blowing and slurping and then yelling with delectation when Van crams her from behind. Dakota loves the perks of her fresh posture where she has the sensation of blowing Van's balls, wrapping her lips around his cock, and even fumbling Samantha's pearl with her soft tongue.Next it's Van's turn to lie down while the 2 chicks have their way with him. Dakota is luving having her vagina licked, so she sits astride Van's face while Samantha gives Van a boob-bouncing stiffie rail deep in her trunk greedy screw hole. Seeing Samantha in the throes of rapture is so torrid that Dakota determines to loosen on the couch and sensation herself while keeping her eyes glued to her lover. At the last moment, Samantha arches forth to latch on to Dakota's clit, bringing the towheaded off while her own vagina is still whirring with enjoyment.The chicks are ultimately satisfied, but they're still not fairly finished. Ripping off to their knees beside each other, Dakota and Samantha take turns using their arms and faceholes to drive Van wild! He can't hold back from nutting all over both nice coeds, leaving them smirking in gratification while Dakota eats Samantha tidy from her enjoy shower.





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