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That Sensational Time

As mind-blowing platinum-blonde Skylar Green dries off from her indulgent bath, she grins in anticipation of getting muddy again when she wakes her dude Tyler Nixon with a kiss. Tyler is immediately receptive to the sweet-smelling bare damsel in his arms, smooching and massaging her figure and becoming immediately hard.When Skylar perceives the push of her man's erection, she immediately smooches her way down his figure and pulling his hard manstick out so that she can take him in her hot impatient mouth. The platinum-blonde is enthusiastic, bobbing her head and slurping with demonstrable pleasure.Tyler can't wait to produce some mind-blowing oral fuck-a-thon of his own. He encourages Skylar to thin against the bed's headboard so that he can drown his face in the hot moisture of her exquisite clean-shaved fuckbox and go to town with his endowed tongue. He is downright into his fleshy task, using his arms to squash the blonde's chubby bottom as he drives her crazy with his mouth.Now that they're both heated up and well-prepped to go, Skylar takes the lead in their fuckfest again. Mounting her dude in rcg style, she impales herself on her beau's hard hard-on and gives some experimental bounces. Briefly Tyler can't wait any longer; seizing Skylar's hips, he pistons in and out of her cock-squeezing twat.As the zeal proceeds to increase in size inbetween the couple, they rearrange themselves into the more individual spooning position. Tyler can't keep his arms off of Skylar's smallish boobies and hard lil' nips as he drives into his damsel from behind, and Skylar's screams of approval let him know that he's thrusting all of her buttons.Rolling onto her arms and knees, Skylar shoves her exquisite pussy into the air so that her dude can take her from behind. Tyler cheerfully accepts the invitation, gliding his swelling home again and again as he supplies a decent fuckbox smashing to the music of his woman's breathless moans. Ultimately when Skyler comebacks to her back and keeps eye contact with her man, Tyler's hard work pays off as Skylar comes apart in his palms with a fat climax. Seconds later, the platinum-blonde crawls off the couch and opens her impatient throat broad to receive a moist running in rivulets facial cumshot from her man's climax.





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