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Fumble You The Right Way

Bruce Adventure and his female Ariana Marie lie together on the sofa loving a intimate couple's rubdown from the uber-sexy Holly Michaels. Holly takes her responsibilities seriously, spending pile time caressing lotion into Ariana's supple body. She takes her time with Ariana's breasts, and then violates the massagist code and eliminates her client's towel to slide her mitt inbetween Ariana's gams in a blatant invitation to turn this session into something more.Ariana anxiously accepts, turning over at Holly's urging. The massagist gets things heated up right away, undressing out of her clothes and climbing onto her fresh lover's back to use her huge udders to touch more lubricant into Ariana's clear skin. Then, Holly turns her attention to Bruce. She eliminates the towel from his tightening swell pipe and climbs onto his tummy so that she can use both palms to touch pile lubricant onto his dick. Ariana is so revved on by the look of her paramour getting a hand-job from her massagist that she can't help the urge to masturbate. Her mitt creeps inbetween her gams to rubdown her needy clittie as her eyes linger glued to the uber-sexy sequence frolicking out beside her.After an initial experimental touch of her humid cootchie via Bruce's well-oiled cock, Holly determines that she enjoys the sensation. With her thighs in utter wagging motion, Holly fondles herself against her man's pecker and then sits up to arch forth and use her astounding funbags to create a chasm that Bruce's slicked pipe can shove through.Tired of being on her own, Ariana relocates so that she is seated atop her man's mouth, where he anxiously takes the hint and commences tonguing out his woman's succulent clean-shaven twat. Holly uses her mouth, too, wrapping her lips around Bruce's pipe to sensation him even more.With their 3some in utter swing, the gang switches things up. The nymphs get down on all fours on the verge of the sofa side by side so that Bruce can go down on his knees and use his throat and frigs to sensation both of their running in rivulets humid pussies. He heads to work with astounding enthusiasm, alternating inbetween Holly and Ariana's fuckboxes as the nymphs interchange smooches and have fun with each other's hands.Finally Bruce determines that his nymphs are humid enough to take things a step further. Rising to his feet, he slips his pecker deep into Holly's cock-squeezing needy twat. The pushes are firm enough to make Holly's huge udders wiggle with astounding movement. Holly gets in on the action, deep-throating her woman's puffies and providing her lengthy durable smooches as her cock-squeezing cootchie gets a decent plumbing until she finishes off with a huge squeal of completion.Now it is Holly's turn to have her cootchie stuffed. Down on her palms and knees, she whines and yells as Bruce crams her to the verge and works her needy twat. Ariana slips underneath her woman, cushioning Holly with her figure and providing her female something to hold on to as she is poked hard. This fresh pose permits Bruce to smash both nymphs one after the other, choosing whichever cunt he perceives needs to be packed more, and he takes advantage. He keeps it up until Holly gushes in ecstasy, her entire figure quaking with her completion.Next, the nymphs come back to their side-by-side position. This time they are on their backs with their gams limited high so that once again their dude can take turns banging their pipe longing fuckboxes while they interchange mouth-watering kisses. The sensitized lust and the huge firm pushes from their dude Bruce work magic for both nymphs as one after another they are brought to their 2nd ejaculations of the afternoon.As Ariana whines her 2nd ejaculation of the day, Bruce ultimately reaches his limit. Pulling out, he gushes all over his woman's belly. Holly doesn't want that excellent jizz to go to waste; she arches in and laps at Bruce's essence so that she can snowball the liquid into Holly's waiting throat and then seal the bang-out session by using her frigs and throat one final choky orgasm.





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