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Busy in a warmed make-out session, Blue Angel and Ksenija leisurely unclothe one another and enjoy the delights of each other's bodies. When they are finally joined by their dude Totti, both gals are warmed up and well-prepped for a superb time.Ksenija gets things commenced on her knees, wanking Totti's schlong as Blue occupies his mouth. The gals work in tandem to relax Totti of his clothes so that Ksenija can fall to her knees and wrap her lips around her man's lengthy bone to produce a lengthy blowjob. Unwilling to be left out of the fun, Blue shortly joins her girl on the ground and takes her turn blowing off Totti's cock.When Totti slips down onto the floor, Blue still can't keep her facehole off of his dick. Ksenija kneels, touching her upturned cupcakes as her dude paws her raw slit. After swapping a lengthy kiss, the gals switch places so that the ginger-haired can skinny back into Totti's forearms as her lovers' palms wander her pallid sleek skin. Blue slips her thumbs deep into Ksenija's smooth channel, flicking her wrist back and forth as her paramour moans. Briefly the gals shift catches sight of again so that Blue has resumed her interrupted blowjob. Her backside is limited high in the air, opening her running in rivulets vulva to impatient sweeps of Ksenija's tongue. Things get sexier than ever as Ksenjia spins from using just her tongue and lips to tempting Blue with soft nips.Totti can't wait any longer to drown his schlong deep into one of the sexy beavers that awaits him. He takes Ksenija from behind, prodding into her yummy vulva with rhythmic masturbates as the ginger-haired proceeds working her magic on Blue's gentle clit. Next it is Blue's turn to have her beaver filled. Totti moves forth to shove deep into her tightness. Meanwhile, Ksenija crawls above Blue where she lies on the couch, stretching her white hips so that Blue can drive her tongue into her clean-shaved slit. Things get even sexier as Ksenija takes Blue's spot on the bed and Blue rises above her. The gals are in brilliant posture to make out when Blue leans at the waist, and their beavers are in the brilliant posture for Totti to pummel Ksenija while at the same time licking Blue out. When Totti releases of Ksenija's raw heat, Blue doesn't let him get far before she leans herself almost in half to fellate her man's cock.Ksenija spins onto her palms and knees with a cushion supporting her tiny cupcakes so that her dude can pump into her with hard, prompt trusts. Her ejaculation spins thru her as she chokes and moans, quivering with the energy of her release. Blue mounts her dude in rcg fashion next, railing Totti with enough energy to make her knockers jiggle. She achieves her orgasm swiftly, bellowing with evident ecstasy. As Blue comes down from her orgasmic bliss, Ksenija anxiously wraps her lips around her man's knob and bobs her head as she works him.Wishing to sate their man, Ksenija and Blue get on all fours before Totti and Blue uses her palms and lips to bring him to orgasm. Blue anxiously takes his jism in her mouth, and then runs in rivulets the liquid enjoy into Ksenija's waiting facehole and opens up the goopy juice all over her woman's face as the gals have a tiny bit of joy to end their lovemaking.





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