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Romantic Night In

Erica Fontes and Hayden Winters take their time dressing in tender undergarments to get ready for their romantic night in. The 2 nymphs cannot keep their forearms off each other, sharing a smooch that displays their enthusiasm for one another clearly.Hayden takes manage of the fuck-fest at first, disrobing her lover's sheer stocking off and then delving into her raw honeypot with her super-hot tongue. Erica loves the attention before urging Hayden into a Sixty nine stance so they can share the sensation unfurling deep within.Seeing a fresh position, Hayden climbs to her knees and postures herself above Erica's antsy mouth. Erica digs her tongue deep into her lover's honeypot as Hayden tweaks her wrinkled nips to enhance the sensations zinging thru her body. As Erica's gifted tongue resumes its exploration of Hayden's appetizing slit, Hayden's gams leisurely give out on her. She rearranges herself to lie on the sofa as Erica resumes to work her with her jaws and frigs until she cums. Ultimately sated, the gals fall into a liking embrace.





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