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The Rub Of 2

A languorous smooch inbetween 2 dark-haired hotties hastily evolves into a passion-filled encounter. Quirk presses Megan to the couch softly but firmly, smooching her way down her lover's diminutive boobies and taut vapid belly. Using her fingertips to rubdown Megan's sensitized clit, Quirk proceeds her pleasant brunt on her lover's sleek flesh and wrinkled nips until Megan is squirming underneath her. Slipping her tongue down to her lover's gentle smooth-shaven slit, Quirk hastily takes Megan over the edge.Her bod still buzzing with pleasure, Megan presses her lips to Caprice's flexible hooter and suckles her rock hard nips until Quirk drowns down to the bed. Megan uses the arm of her forearm to rubdown Caprice's love button as she plants gentle smooches on her lover's tummy and then slurps her way down to the gentle valley inbetween her legs.Unable to lie still, Quirk flips to her knees and slams her obese rump into the air. Taking advantage of this fresh position, Megan crawls inbetween her woman's opened up gams and continues her voluptuous brunt on Caprice's pussy. Soon, Quirk comebacks to her back and Megan presses the frigs of her forearm deep into her steaming folds, using her skillful massages to bring her paramour to an awesome orgasm.





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