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Blond haired hotties Elaina Rae and Allie James have sensuous mischief in mind when they invite Michael Vegas over for some softcore fun.The 2 femmes share a series of long, spunky smooches and delicate kneads as they wait for their stud to display up. When Michael does arrive, the femmes instantly pounce on him, shucking him out of his clothes and ripping off to their knees to supply an outstanding two-person blowjob.After a long time of deep throating and slurping their beau's long sausage and swapping more smooches inbetween themselves, Elaina and Allie guide Michael to the sofa so that they can inspect his wood even more scrupulously with their mouths. Elaina wraps her sizzling lips around her man's member and deepthroats as Allie absorbs his strong sack in her anxious mouth. As Elaina resumes to suck, Allie eats her way up and down the demonstrable part of Michael's shaft.Eventually, the femmes pull back from their man's pulsating sausage and stand so they can pamper in another long kiss. Michael takes advantage, ripping off first-ever Allie's underpants and then Elaina's so that he can snuffle his face into the valley inbetween each girl's gams and supply soft eats to each of their clits.Ready to be pleasured, Allie sits astride Michael's rock hard sausage and impales herself in rcg fashion with one rock hard thrust. At the same time, Elaina arranges herself with her back to Allie and her raw clean-shaven vag placed brilliantly for her stud to eat and suckle at her white pearly slit.Allie takes her time railing Michael while he feasts on Elaina's soft snatch as both of them seek their pleasure. After swapping a deep smooch with Elaina, Allie is the first-ever to find completion. She climbs off of her stud and flips to her belly, inching up inbetween his hips so that she can inhale his pleasure-giving sausage into her gullet for a deep and strenuous bj that promptly converts into a hand-job as she concentrates her attention on fumbling Elaina's tiny jugs and mildly urging her off her man's gullet and rearwards onto his pulsating cock.Elaina lodges onto her man's waiting wood and lets him shove into her for several moments, but she is shortly urged to lie down on the sofa instead so that Michael can proceed to love her saucy pussy. As she gets closer to her orgasm, Elaina wraps her palms around Allie and flips her gf underneath her so that the light-haired is on top as they make out, and Michael takes advantage of Elaina's newly-elevated bottom and slips his sausage inbetween her sleek gams to pummel her from behind until she shrieks in orgasmic bliss.The perceive of Elaina's cock-squeezing shell fluttering around his gentle sausage sends Michael hurtling toward his own orgasm. As he reaches the verge of his endurance, he lets out of Elaina's heat and strokes himself off as he shoots a load all over her sleek back.





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