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Swimsuit stunners Veronica Rodriguez and Chloe Amour are locked in a spunky embrace underneath the outdoor douche as they peel off their bathing suits and pepper each other with steaming smooches and licks. When Van Wylde arrives on the vignette to join in the fun, the 2 dolls welcome him with open palms to crush off a passionate threesome.The dolls are enamored with Van's lengthy cock. While they love themselves jacking Van's member, it's not lengthy before they lead him over to an outdoor sofa so that Veronica can put her perky lip gullet to work delivering a raw and ultra-kinky dt while Chloe plants her white pearly honeypot on van's face so that he can lick her out.Switching things up, the dolls interchange places so that Veronica can have her turn at a cunt eating while Chloe climbs aboard Van's manhood and takes him for a stiffie rail deep in her molten wetness. She holds nothing back, juggling away on her man's faux-cock as her titties shake with the power of her movements until she is shrieking her climax.Next Chloe takes her place on the ottoman while Veronica climbs on top of her in the Sixty-nine position. The girls' plans are temporarily waylaid by Van coming up from behind and slipping his manhood deep into Veronica's snatch, so they come up with an alternative where Veronica sits on Chloe's face for her gf to go to town eating and deepthroating her cunt while Chloe gets humped by Van.Next the dolls pose themselves side by side on their knees to give Van his choice of vags to pound. He gives it to Chloe first, but briefly Veronica gets her turn to be packed and humped to completion. While Veronica is loving Van's pipe sunk deep in her dribbling raw sheath, Chloe stretches her gams so that the Latina stunner can celebrate one last time on her needy slit.With 2 sugary coeds to please, Van has been highly patient about waiting to cum. When he can't hold it in any more, he postures himself so that Chloe and Veronica can take turns deepthroating and blowing his manhood until he creams all over Veronica's gullet and Chloe's chest. Ultimately sated, the dolls interchange one last lengthy smooch as their romp winds down.




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