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All I Want

Maddy O'Reilly has waited in just a sheer boulder-holder and underpants all day for Marco Rivera to come home, and now that he's here she's intent on seduction.Dropping to her knees in front of her man, Maddy helps him out of his tee-shirt and trousers and then bends forth sans violating eye contact to munch her way up Marco's lengthy erection. Lodging in for a long, thorough exploration of her man's man sausage with her mouth, Maddy alternates inbetween throating and munching at her man's trouser snake in an epic gargle job. As Marco nears the end of his endurance, Maddy stands up and glides out of her underpants so that she can climb atop her man's full salute and slipping him home into her cock-squeezing moist sheath. She rails him slowly, leaning down to smooch him before guiding his mitt up to bowl her mild breasts.Climbing off of her stud, Maddy takes a moment to re-lubricate her man's man sausage with her jaws before she mounts him again rcg style. After several rock hard thrusts, Maddy changes places with Marco, placing on herself on her arms and knees with her bootie high up in the air as a supplication to her guy to take her. Marco shoves himself into Maddy's sugary warmth, but then unleashes and gets on all fours down so that he can munch his damsel out from behind.As Maddy bellows and wriggles in enjoyment from her man's ministrations, Marco once again rises to his soles and takes her rear end style. The act is prompt and mad as Marco plumbs in and out of Maddy's pussy.The enthusiasm inbetween this duo indeed inflames as Marco bends forth while he shoves to smooch vigorously at Maddy's neck and back. Maddy reacts instantly, wailing and sniveling at the seduction.When her ejaculation is almost upon her, Maddy turns over to lie on her back so that she can make eye contact with Marco while he shoves her over that last tiny cliff. Her ejaculation rocks thru her, and she bellows and trembles as enjoyment overpowers her.The moment Maddy stops wiggling from her pleasure, Marco reaches the end of his stamina and unleashes so that he can spunk all over his lover's slim belly. Sated, the paramours come together for one last smooch as they bask in the afterglow of their encounter.





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