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Dido Angel and Gina Devine enjoy a slow sensuous makeout session together that swiftly culminates in Dido gliding her tongue deep into Gina's humid clean-shaved coochie and providing her a fine coochie licking. Gina takes a turn next, soaking down her lover's vulva with lengthy liking masturbates of her tongue that shortly have Dido groaning her pleasure.The chicks are so packaged up in their fuck-fest that they slightly notice when their folks Tommy and Lutro inject the room. The 2 studs aren't about to let their girls have all the fun. Tommy joins Gina in her mission to sensation Dido's humid heat while the light-haired takes advantage of her man's bulge being close enough to pump and suck. Meanwhile, Lutro gets down on all fours down behind Gina to submerge his face and his thumbs in her needy twat.The gang changes things up so that Lutro gets in on the action, too. Gina takes her time eating and deep-throating his fuckpole like a exquisite handle as Dido gives Gina's coochie the same treatment. Last in line, Tommy submerges his firm fuckpole deep into Dido's needy pussy.Knowing that Gina also needs her fuckbox to be packed and fucked, the 2 couples change things up yet again. Gina and Dido pose themselves side by side to come back to their preceding makeout session while Tommy and Lutro each supply a firm coochie humping to their respective lady as the chicks choke and shriek their approval.Next the attention largely spins to Gina as Dido, who resumes to get pounded from behind, arches to work her woman's pleasure button with her thumbs and gullet and Lutro stings and gobbles the brunette's rock firm nipples. Lutro glides deep into Gina's fuck-hole from his spooning pose behind and pumps his thighs while Dido resumes to work her pleasure button until Gina can no longer hold back the gesticulate of rapture that sweeps thru her.Lutro stands so that Gina can get on all fours before him and wrap her antsy lips around his fuckpole to supply a lengthy humid suck off as Dido lies beside her and opens up her gams for Tommy to proceed to take her with firm deep strokes. The sensation mounts for Dido as her entire figure wiggles with the force of her man's plowing until she reaches her ejaculation with a lengthy shriek of completion.Now that the chicks have been pleasured it is time for the folks to reach their own climaxes. Tommy resumes to tear up Dido's willing coochie and Gina arches down to let Lutro have the same handle as the couples enjoy a tandem doggy-style fuck. Lutro reaches his completion first-ever and lets out to bathroom his enjoy all over Gina's upturned ass. Moments later, Tommy gives Dido the same treatment.Gina is waiting to lap up Tommy's spunk and then share a lengthy durable smooch with Dido to wrap up the pleasant gang session of love.





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