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Showering together is always a sensuous experience, one that paramours Marry Goddess and Quirk totally embrace. As the water warms, Marry takes the massager and tests the temperature on Caprice's sugary bottom to humid her underpants in an individual caress. Doused to the flesh and amazingly horny, the ladies take their time smooching and disrobing one another out of their clothes before exiting the shower.As the zeal mounts, Quirk leisurely buries to her knees before Marry's epic slender figure and urges her paramour down to sit on a padded stool. Gliding first-ever her palm and then her head inbetween Marry's opened up thighs, Quirk tempts her paramour with her fingers, tongue, and the burning looks she casts up Marry's body.As Marry approaches her orgasm, Quirk urges her paramour to stand and thin over the counter to press her warmed face against the sexy wall. Delving into Marry's doused crevice from behind with 2 fingers, Quirk brings her nymph over the edge.When Marry reaches the pinnacle of her gusto she is rapid to rise and seize Caprice's lips in a spunky smooch that leaves no doubt about her intention to come back the sensuous favor. Pressing Quirk against the wall, Marry preps to rock her lover's world. Marry latches her lips onto Caprice's rock-hard nips before smooching her way down to her lover's mushy pussy. She urges Quirk to sit on the counter to give her unfettered access to her sugary-sweet slit.Kissing her way up and down Caprice's slender thigh, Marry presses 2 frigs into her lover's dribbling hole. Fumbling against Caprice's g-spot, Marry pumps her frigs in and out as her woman's orgasmic bellows cram the air. As they reach the conclusion of their interlude, sated, they share a smooch that hints at future impassioned encounters.





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