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Bold hotty Zoey Kush wants to give Kris Slater a wakeup call he'll never forget. Crawling up his figure clothed only in inviting sheer lingerie, she taunts his morning knob thru the lean barrier of his boxers.Kris responds to Zoey's advances eagerly, raising his hips in a prayer for more. Zoey obliges, slipping Kris's briefs down to unsheathe her lover's long, big erection. She takes his stiffy into her jaws to eat and deep-throat him in a long, languorous deep-throat job that neither soiree is in any hurry to end.Unbelievably revved on by the closeness of the moment, Zoey pauses to disrobe down to her naked skin. She proceeds to her marvelous feast, laving Kris's rock hard knob with her tongue and adoring him with her lips.At last Kris cannot take the attention any longer sans exploding. He urges Zoey to take his place on the sofa so that he can come back the favor. Pawing her slim body, he leisurely parts her hips and digs into her succulent humid pussy. Gliding his tongue back and forward over her revealed clitoris, Kris works his magic on Zoey until she joins him at the brim of completion.Intent on drawing out the sensation for as lengthy as possible, Kris arranges himself in the pinwheel stance and guides himself into Zoey's greeting heat. Their stance keeps the invasion shallow but intense, shoving their sexual madness ever higher. Zoey squirms on the bed, running her palms all over her mounds and pinning her turgid nipples.As the need for a deeper gratification overtakes Zoey, she climbs atop her paramour and submerges her taut muff over his turgid dick. Bending back to enlarge the experiencing of fullness, Zoey pumps her hips and shares a smirk with her lover.Kris helps Zoey to her palms and knees so that he can come in her from behind. Overpower by the sheer pleasure, Zoey lays her head on the sofa and wedges her plump bottom high in the air for Kris's pleasure. He takes advantage of her openness, shoving his stiffy deep inwards her doused hole. As Zoey approaches the brink, she clutches Kris's hip to dictate the tempo of their lovemaking. At last she erupts in an unbelievable climax that leaves her gagging with pleasure.Ready to help Kris find his release, Zoey pulls him into the missionary position. He wraps his forearm around her hip to pull her close as his stiffy glides inwards her warmed pussy. She wrings her hooters as Kris reaches the brim of his control. Releasing of her taut twat, Kris showers Zoey's face and jaws with his cum. She munches her lips, reveling every droplet as she smirks in satisfaction.





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