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Dual Distraction

Chad Milky is clad for work and prepped to take off when Sydney Cole and Kimmy Granger walk into the apartment mitt in hand. It is immediately clear that they have other ideas for Chad, and after the first-ever smooch he is inclined to watch things from their point of view. Shortly the three is interchanging delicate smooches and mild rubs as they work on disheveling each other's clothes.When Chad guides Kimmy and Sydney to the sofa and pulls their miniskirts up, the women are blessed to lay side by side and let him do his thing. He buries his face in Sydney's mammary puss first, rewarding her for wearing no undies at all. When Kimmy pulls Chad toward her, he is blessed to shove her g-string to the side and go to town munching and deep throating her landing de-robe slot while Sydney climbs atop Kimmy's face for dual puss pleasure.Now that Chad has began working on Kimmy, he's not willing to stop until the dark-haired is yelling her ecstasy. He works his mitts and tongue on Kimmy's sleek beaver while Sydney suckles her lover's firm bumpers until Kimmy ultimately comes apart as rapture floods her body. Standing Kimmy up, Sydney takes her turn munching her lover's vulva and then undresses both of their dresses.Now that both women are naked, they are on even footing to woo Chad onto the sofa so that they can work in tandem to fellatio his sack of babymakers and pecker with their delicate raw mouths. Sydney is peculiarly into munching every inch of Chad's member in an effort to make him tighter and naughtier with every bob of her head.Pulling Sydney around so that he can munch her needy snatch, Chad lays adorable and still so that Kimmy can plant her puss on his stiffie. Now that both women are in position, Kimmy embarks juggling her culo in a harsh pace that immediately puts her on the prompt track toward cumming. Meanwhile, Sydney lets her thighs gyrate with every munch of her lover's tongue as he works her in the same direction that Kimmy is going.Now it's ultimately Sydney's turn to get the D! Climbing onto Chad so that she is lodged in rcg position, Sydney buries down until Chad is submerged in her vulva and then wails with delight when Chad embarks prodding deep into her twat. After sitting astride Chad's face so that he can put his tongue to work keeping her twat all heated up, Kimmy arches forth to wrap her forearms around her buddy to wring Sydney's bumpers and have fun with her rigid nipples. By the time Sydney has come apart with the power of her climax, Kimmy is all heated up and raring to go again. She gets down on her mitts and knees, introducing her gash for Chad to poke into from behind. As he buries into Kimmy, he uses her breathy wails to guide his drains until he knows he's beating just the right spot. Meanwhile, Kimmy clings to Syndey as delight stuffs thru her and even finds a bit of time to lap at her friend's slit.Eager for her next lush of fucking, Sydney takes Kimmy's place on the sofa and stretches her gams so that Chad can have effortless access to her mammary penetrate hole. Knowing how much her buddy loves gobbling her out, Kimmy doubles up on Sydney's delight by placing her puss just over her lover's face.Not only does Sydney get off on this position, but so does Chad. Even as she's gagging with the power of her climax, Chad lets go and gluts her with a internal cumshot of cum. Even after he frees of Sydney's vulva he's still dumping jism everywhere, leaving slew for Kimmy to munch up and share in a deep smooch with her friend.





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