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Ultra-cute Together

Roomies Dakota Skye and Emma Stoned are each attempting to determine what to wear as they fall under poles of clothes to find just the right look. They ultimately make their decisions and pass each other in the hall, only to have a moment where their eyes meet and they realize that they just can't teddy the thought of keeping their clothes on!Slipping into Dakota's bedroom, the femmes embark off slow with a lengthy makeout session that gives them the chance to idolize each other's bodies. Emma takes things a step further, pulling Dakota's t-shirt aside so that her puny pointy fun bags are unsheathed for a rubdown and nip licking. Dakota is rapid to repay the favor, calming Emma of her t-shirt and boulder-holder so that they are both topless.Next the femmes take turns helping each other out of their trousers and panties, taking pile time to punctuate the removal of garb with appetizing smooches that get them both sexier than ever! They don't waste any time in acting on it, placing themselves so that they can press their scorching fragile twats together and love some pleasant scissoring.Knowing that her paramour won't get off by that contact alone, Dakota gets down on her stomach and puts her super-steamy raw tongue to work delivering a lengthy honeypot munching in her woman's smoothly-shaven twat. Dakota evidently approves of her lover's oral talents as her breath enters choky yells of pleasure.Next it's Dakota's turn to have some fun as she lodges herself above her paramour so that Emma is in ideal honeypot munching position. The pose gives the black-haired the chance to reach up and touch her lover's fun bags as well, much to Dakota's joy.As Emma gets more and more into her honeypot feast, the elation pulsing thru Dakota's figure becomes nearly too much for the towheaded to handle! She can no longer remain upright, instead arching forth as her lady proceeds her softs appetizing brunt on her jizm thirsty cooch until ultimately her orgasm violates thru her.Ready to complete her lady off, Dakota climbs onto her arms and knees and postures herself behind Emma. Using 2 fingers, she glides into her lover's fragile taut cunt and pistons in and out as she drives her to the edge of ecstasy. Then, helping Emma up so that her honeypot is seated on her face, Dakota tongues her paramour out to orgasmic ecstasy.Satisfied, the 2 femmes cuddle together on the couch as they love the afterglow of their lovemaking.





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