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Gloppy And Tastey

Clad in matching dark-hued lingerie, Maddy O'Reilly and Natalia Starlet swap a protracted smooch over their fellow Giovanni Francesco. Giovanni is content to see as both of his ladies flirt and taunt each other above him, leisurely eliminating their matching underwear until they are both nude.Rising to his knees, Giovanni changes places with Maddy. He postures himself so that Maddy can smooch his bulge as she lies on the bed, and so that Natalia can join in the joy by arching over from above. The 2 damsels take their time adoring their man's rock-hard cock, throating and licking.Soon, the paramours reposition themselves so that the enjoyment they are generating is distributed identically among all three of them. Maddy lingers on her back with her face sunk in Natalia's super-fucking-hot tasty vulva and Giovanni's trunk deep inwards Maddy's cock-squeezing sheath. As Maddy gets larger closer to her climax, Natalia globs to her forearms and knees beside her mate to taunt Maddy's rock-hard puffies with her mouth. Giovanni goes after suit, gliding down his stomach and using his tongue to impatiently lap at Maddy's gentle bean and send her falling over the edge.Natalia climbs to her forearms and knees to introduce her sugary donk to Giovanni. He takes her invitation, drowning into her plush fever and shoving with lengthy sure strokes. As Maddy recovers, she is impatient to partake in her lover's pleasure. She reaches out to rub Natalia's gentle clitoris, inching steadily closer until she can suckle her friend's meaty funbags as well. With such faithful attention, Natalia is briefly groaning and choking her ecstasy.The three takes a moment to catch their breaths and reposition themselves before things fever up again. Beginning at Natalia's mushy feet, Maddy embarks smooching her way up her friend's body. She doesn't get highly far before Giovanni takes advantage of her open pose and anchors her thighs so that he can slip into her super-fucking-hot raw channel.Stymied in her climb up her friend's body, Maddy reaches forth to slip a finger into Natalia's cock-squeezing labia while Natalie takes charge of her own pleasure, touching her clit as she observes her paramours stir together.After a 2nd body-shaking orgasm, Maddy eventually reaches her aim of snuffling and eating her friend's sobbing pussy. Giovanni is well-prepped to help Natalia jizz again, lounging down on the sofa so that his lady can crawl on top of him and slip down so that they come together in switch sides missionary style. Maddy is there to help both of her paramours perceive incredible, eating Giovanni's ballsack as he shoves in and out of Natalia's warmth, and then touching her friend's dangling mounds as Natalia orgasms again. Sated two times over, the damsels fixate all of their attention on helping their fellow cum. They help Giovanni to his knees and take turns throating and pumping his pulsating bulge until he is on the brink of ecstasy. With several fast movies of her wrist, Maddy helps him eventually achieve his climax all over Natalia's fat bosom. Never one to let a succulent handle go to waste, Maddy arches forth to slurp Giovanni's essence from her friend's chest. When she has lapped her gloppy handle up, the 2 damsels swap a lengthy smooch as they share their man's flavor.





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