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Platinum-blonde Allurement

Just in from a day of shopping together, blondes Jessie Volt and Sierra Nevadah slightly make it to Sierra's bedroom before they start peeling off each other's clothes and peppering one another with yummy smooches in a race to get naked. Jessie takes the lead first, backing Sierra onto her couch and gliding her g-string off. Within moments she has lodged inbetween Sierra's gams so that she can elation the blonde's sugary-sweet beaver with lengthy steamy sweeps of her tongue. Sierra isn't above turning the tables on Jessie, though. Rolling her paramour over, she polishes her thighs against Jessie's for several moments and then glides to the side so that she can reach down with one palm to rubdown Jessie's clit. She knows just how her gf luvs it as she alternates lengthy wanks with a focused effort on Jessie's supah gentle clitoris, and then glides a finger into her sugary-sweet twat.Still not satiated with her efforts toward bringing Jessie pleasure, Sierra gets creative. She lays down and woos Jessie on top of her with the blonde's beaver in the brilliant posture to be eaten out, a task to which Sierra impatiently sets herself. Albeit Jessie luvs the attention with yells of ecstasy, she finally turns onto her tummy so that the ladies can engage in an ecstatic 69.Once again taking the lead, Jessie gets onto her forearms and knees with her jizm greedy pussy in the air so that Sierra can work her magic one last time. She commences by using her gullet to get wet her lover's glossy slit, and then uses her gifted frigs to leave Jessie screaming her elation one last time to end their lovemaking.




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