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Ria Rodrigez knows she's looking torrid in a pursue milky brassiere and sheer lacy undies as she runs her arms all over her splendid edible figure in anticipation of delight to come. When she is guaranteed that she is irresistible, she crawls into the couch where her fellow Totti is napping and resumes to wake him up in a way that every fellow cravings of.Trailing smooches down her beau's stomach, Ria gives him a insane smirk when he is eventually awake. She is derailed on her mission to take him into her anxious hatch by his embrace, where he hastily loosens her of her brassiere and lavishes attention on her pert mammories and diamond rigid nipples. Unwilling to stay dispersed from her ultimate goal, Ria mildly presses Totti back into the couch and whips out his swelling from his briefs. Holding her man's enormous lollipop constant in her hand, she tongues the head and then opens her hatch and facehole to take him deep inside. Totti wisely lies back and luvs the lengthy loviní blowjob.Starting at Ria's feet, Totti leisurely works his way up to the super-cute trimmed cooch inbetween his lover's gams where he drowns face in the softness. Elevating his woman's thighs so that her cascading cootchie is effortless for him to reach, Totti takes his time impetuous his tongue over Ria's delicate folds.When she is well-prepped and open for him, he slips into Ria's cock-squeezing fever as she squeals in pleasure. Totti's slow milks are shortly transformed into a rigid cooch ravaging when Ria rises to her arms and knees and pushes her backside up in the air for her fellow to take her rear end style.Things shortly get acrobatic as the paramours take advantage of the form of the bedframe that permits Ria to cling to it while she pumps up and down on her man's dick. The splendid spinner uses the leverage to her advantage to drive her fellow nasty and then holds on cock-squeezing as Totti pumps rigid and rapid in her tightness until her ejaculation gushes thru her.Intent on making her fellow cum, Ria climbs atop Totti and rails him with rapid undulations of her hips, wringing and masturbating him in the direction of his ejaculation until at the last moment he withdraws from her warmth and luvs his extract all over his woman's obese large ass.As Totti eventually loosens back on the pillows, Ria climbs off of her fellow and lovingly tongues the remnants of their fervor from his spunk-pump before curling up to resume the interrupted nap with her love.





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