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Blondie hotty Sara Jaymes looks on as spunky Latina Melanie Rios joins her clad in a fabulous milky sundress that matches the one Sara wears. The nymphs pull each other close, smooching delicately as their sensitized licks touch.Melanie guides Sara down onto the bed and peels her sundress and undies off. Pulling down to her stomach inbetween Sara's legs, Melanie plants personal smooches in her lover's sensitized hairless pussy. Tortured by the magic Melanie is working with her tongue, Sara bends her back and exhales a low yell of pleasureAching for more, Melanie pulls her negligee over her head while Sara rubs her sleek suntan flesh and helps her out of her milky thong. Entirely in manage now, Sara urges Melanie to lie back and love the moment as she laps her tongue via Melanie's humid slit.The 2 paramours share an open mouthed kiss, degustating themselves on each other's tongues. When Melanie turns around and prays Sara to help her cum, Sara taunts her by running the apex of a hitachi via her insatiable pussy. She liquidates the plaything lengthy enough to munch her lover's testicle tonic from the plastic before pressing it deep into Melanie's smooth hole.Overcome by passion, Melanie turns onto her back so she can observe as Sara porks her with the dildo. When Sara arches forth to fellate her lover's sensitized pearl in time with her thrusts, Melanie can no longer hold back the ejaculation that roars thru her.Sated, Melanie joins Sara in a loviní smooch and then turns her attention to the toy, slurping it tidy of her own mouth-watering juices.




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