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The light caress of a mitt on a shoulder is a signal from Bella Baby that she's in the mood for passion, and her paramour Mercy Hartley is rapid to respond. Slipping the spaghetti wire of Grace's tank top down her shoulder to reveal puffy breasts, Bella wastes no time in laying smooches and laving tongues upon her woman's wrinkled nips and down her flexible body.Although both gals are astonished by Tess when she ambles in to find them in the midst of foreplay, they shortly invite her to join them. Tess joins Bella in idolizing Grace's flexible breasts, nipping and suckling at their gift as Mercy wriggles underneath their touches.Sliding a finger down Grace's plane belly, glides a finger into her friend's clean-shaved beaver and finds it moist and welcoming. She takes advantage of her discovery, alternating inbetween deep throating on Grace's fragile nub and pumping her thumbs in and out of her taut sheathe. Meanwhile, Bella proceeds to smooch and slurp at Grace's bosoms and neck, keeping her paramour pent up in a state of sensuous overcharge until she cums.Bella takes her turn next, bending forth on her palms and knees and propping her bottom up in the air to reveal her sensitive muff to the fragile ministrations of Grace's gifted tongue. Tess is there to help hold her paramour in place and accentuate the marvelous delectation with her hatch all over her woman's body. After Bella shifts onto her back, Tess has all the access she needs to drive her doll insatiable by slurping her bosoms and Mercy caresses her doused beaver to vibrate and amazing orgasm.With both blondes sated, it is time for Tess to lie back and receive the same gusto she has given them. With her gams opened up to their max, Tess's brilliant beaver is open to the fragile gropes that Mercy and Bella produce as they drive their impromptu paramour over the verge of passion.As all trio gals relax, sated, they swap affectionate smooches and cuddles and bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking.




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