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Ash-blonde Rubdown

Chesty and sexy Marry Princess offers to give Mercy Hartley the most voluptuous of massages. Mercy lodges back in the chaise lounge with a bashful sneer of anticipation as she sees her bare paramour approach. With mushy smooches and light touches, Marry leisurely commences the massage. She slips away the towel that Mercy has hung over her slim body, following her frigs with her versed tongue on Grace's stiffly budded nips and down to her white-hot trimmed pussy. Several sweeps of her tongue throughout Grace's succulent gash is all the lubrication Marry needs to work 2 frigs deep into her woman's cock-squeezing envelope to start the most private rubdown of all. As Mercy basks in the tender fumbles Marry helps her to a fresh position, turning onto her side and drawing her knees up to her pecs before lifting her leg. Grace's bellows reach a fresh crescendo as Marry proceeds her massage.Finally, as the very first flutters of Grace's climax start to work thru her body, Marry urges her mate to her knees. Coating Mercy from behind with her frigs working her white-hot cunt and her other forearm touching Grace's sensitized tits, Marry sends her paramour over the brim into ecstasy.Of course, Mercy would never fantasy of accepting such an unbelievable rubdown and then leaving her paramour unfulfilled! Pressing Marry down onto the rubdown table, Mercy squirms her way inbetween her woman's parted hips and anxiously dives into Marry's landing de-robe cunt with her tongue and fingers.Marry luvs the attention for several minutes before shifting postures to stand in front of the rubdown table and thin forward. With her gams spread, her fresh position leaves her white-hot cunt revealed and hungry for Grace's attention and of course Mercy takes advantage, palming Marry's lush caboose and fuckin' her with 2 frigs until Marry's climax pours out thru her.As both damsels love the aftermath of their lovemaking, they press their slim bods together and share a spunky kiss.




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