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It Takes Trio

Alexis Crystal and Elisa are having joy in sofa smooching and flirting with one another when Silvie Luca struts into the bedroom to join them. All trio ladies are anxious to get commenced having a joy time with one another.Elisa is the first-ever to lose her panties, followed closely by Alexis who immediately plants her delightful vagina where Elisa can begin a superb cooter licking. Meanwhile, Silvie bends forth to use her tongue and mild lips to delectation Alexis's utter boobies and rock-hard nipples.As Elisa proceeds to anxiously munch her woman's pulverize hole, Silvie's forearm drifts down to stroke Alexis's clit. When Elisa takes over the bud massage, Silvie takes the opportunity to scorching herself up by kneading her own tits and jerking her joy button while Alexis rises to her knees so that Elisa has a finer angle to tongue pulverize her lover. With such loyal attention, shortly Alexi has come apart as her ejaculation flips thru her slim flawless body.Next it is time for Silvie to take her place in the middle where she lays back inbetween Elisa's gams so that Elisa can run her magical palms all over her woman's boobies and nipples. Meanwhile, Alexis smooches her way down her woman's tummy until she reaches Silvie's smooth-shaven vagina that runs in rivulets with anticipation. Diving right in, Alexis insatiably absorbs her lover's sleek cooter with her tongue and works Silvie's joy button with her fingers. With the loyal attention of Alexis leading the way, Silvie fastly gives way to her mighty ejaculation so that her thighs are bucking and her entire assets shudders with ecstasy.Finally Elisa has the opportunity to have her landing disrobe vagina eaten out by Silvie. The brown-haired can't contain her groans of delectation as Silvie heads to work with her endowed tongue, and even Alexis joins in on the joy by gliding her forearm down to her needy vagina and providing herself a slowly joy button rubdown as she observes the display before her.Finding her damsel super-cute and dribbling wet, Silvie pulls her throat back and glides 2 thumbs deep into Elisa's trunk greedy fuck-hole so that she can push with stiff hasty wanks that indeed get Elisa's motor running. Shortly the brown-haired is wriggling on the sofa as her damsel works her to a large let out that leans her back and wiggles her entire assets in sexual satisfaction.Sated and satisfied, the ladies curl up together in the sofa to love a liking cuddle after all that stiff work.




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