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Missed Your Loviní

Supah lean hotty Janice Griffith can't help but miss her stud Gavin Kane, so she compensates by wearing his clothes and liking his aroma as she ambles around in nothing else but a thong. When Gavin eventually does come home, Janice is immediately prepared for his loviní attention.After smooching his way down Janice's belly, Gavin pulls his lover's g-string aside and samples the cuteness of her landing de-robe cooter with his tongue. Enjoying what he tastes, he lodges in for a longer cooter licking session. As Janice gets larger smooth with excitement, Gavin presses his thumbs into her cock-squeezing slot to enlarge her pleasure.Once Janice has had her very first climax, she can't wait to get Gavin in on the loving. With a humungous sneer she unsnaps his trousers to pull his increasing in size trunk out, and impatiently takes him in her facehole for a raw and mischievous knob sucking. Her passion is demonstrable as she takes him all the way down her hatch and then lodges in for a rapid and raging trunk gobbling.When Gavin can't wait any longer to be inwards his lady he eventually peels her g-string down Janice's lengthy gams and catapults deep into her saluting warmth. They take their time at first, liking the slow friction, but briefly Gavin can't help but pick up the tempo until he has set a fast, stable rhythm.Switching things up, Gavin takes Janice's place on the sofa and helps to posture his lady so that she can rail him in cowgirl and rcg style. Pumping her thighs like a champion, Janice takes several exploratory shoves and then sets a breakneck tempo that gets her knockers juggling and her cooter pulsing.When Janice has had enough of setting the pace, she gets up on her forearms and knees and lets her stud do the work rear end style. Gavin isn't timid about going rock-hard and rapid so that his testicles smack against Janice's tender clittie in a tempo designed for maximum pleasure.Knowing that he has downright sated his woman's voracious sexual hunger, Gavin eventually takes his own pleasure. Unleashing at the last second, he frees his humungous flow all over Janice fragile arse and beaver so that she can knead the sizzling raw enjoy in with her magic fingers.





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