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Handle Her Right

Blond stunner Scarlet Crimson is in the kitchen doing dishes when her guy Ryan Driller comes up behind her and makes his voluptuous intentions known. Scarlet is downright willing, permitting her boyfriend to pull her utter funbags out of her t-shirt and then to hike up her mini-skirt so that he can glide his mitt underneath her thong. Propping Scarlet up on the counter, Ryan gets down on all fours down and sinks his face in the gentleness of her smooth-shaven vagina to slurp her into yummy humidity and then pulls his trousers down so that he can drive his rock-hard trunk deep into her taut twat. Meanwhile, Scarlet reaches behind her back and turns the faucet on so that she can love the added dimension of splooging steamy water all over her warmed breasts. The water-pay gets Scarlet sexier than ever, so she turns around and arches down for her boyfriend to take her doggie against the counter as she resumes to moist her wiggling funbags down in a rabid pound fest. Next, the duo slows things down when Scarlet gets down on her knees and anxiously wraps her steamy moist lips around Ryan's hard trunk so that she can slurp her essence from his dick. The pair moves to the bedroom, where Ryan lodges Scarlet on the couch for a lengthy sumptuous vagina licking. He begins off with just light laps of his tongue, but shortly with the help of 2 frigs he drives his lady kinky with delectation until her very first ejaculation cracks thru her with a lengthy moan.With Scarlet's bod still pulsating in ecstasy, Ryan slips back home deep in her velvet pound hole. He rocks softly as they hold arms and gawp into each other's eyes. As things proceed to fever up, Scarlet climbs on top and takes charge of her own pleasure.Rocking her hips, she takes a moment to get used to the fresh posture and then begins writing her guy like her own individual stud. Her funbags jiggle and shimmy as she punches the speed up another notch, railing until she is right on the verge of cumming.Pulling back, the blond produces a lengthy loviní oral job where she deepthroats her man's trunk in her lust to bring him right to the brim of orgasm. Wanting to reach that apex together, the 2 come together for one more rabid coupling that leaves Scarlet gagging and moaning. Seconds later, Ryan whips out and blows a flow his flow all over her plane waiting tummy and breasts, leaving his lady satiated and smiling.





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